Add fields

This guide shows you how to add new fields for your model to capture.

What are fields

In Nanonets OCR, fields refer to specific elements or pieces of information that you want to extract from the documents. Each field corresponds to a particular data point within the document.

For example, in an invoice document, common fields to extract could be:

  • Invoice Number, Date, Total Amount, Vendor Name, Billing Address

  • Line Items (with fields such as Item Name, Quantity, Unit Price, etc.)

By defining these fields, you can train the Nanonets OCR model to locate and extract the relevant information from each document accurately. The extracted fields can then be used for further processing, analysis, or integration with other systems or applications.

How to add fields to your model

If creating a new custom model:

  1. Left panel > New Model > Create your own > Upload Sample documents > Next

  2. You will see a Manage labels screen

  3. Type in the name of each field you need (eg: Applicant)

  4. Click on Add new field to add each field name.

If adding fields to an existing model:

  1. Left panel > Active model > AI Training > Manage Labels

  2. You will see a screen like the one above. Click on Add new field to add each field.

Need to capture ?

  • Click on the Table headers tab to add new columns for your line items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to add Formatting?

No, you can leave the Formatting blank for now. Learn more about this here.

What are table headers or line items?

Line items represent individual products, services, or items listed in a tabular format within a document. (Commonly used in documents like invoices, receipts, or purchase orders)

How will table headers or line items appear in my results?

Each table header will be shown as a column in a tabular format. There can be multiple rows in a table. Learn more about table data capture here.

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